Woo hoo I made it!

To the gym that is! Thanks to a friend who invited me to go with her, I dragged my sorry arse out my house and into the pit of exercise and weight lifting. It’s been a while, I had no idea what my stamina levels or fitness would be, but it actually turned out to be ok. I mean yes I almost collapsed a couple of times but I survived, I took it easy, didn’t lift too heavy but the best thing is that I remembered how much I loved it.

It’s really got me back into the zone, I mean tonight, I was contemplating a takeaway then realised it was quicker, cheaper and healthier to knock something up myself so that’s what I did, I think maybe I am turning a corner 😉 My one day of eating healthy and exercising has made me remember how happy it makes me lol!

I have even bravely said I will cook for ‘Jump the Queue’ guy tomorrow, which is terrifying ha ha but despite my lack of love for cooking I’m actually pretty good 😉 Talking of him, I released a photo of us together, I figured it was about time, he deserved to be shown off.

Right now, I feel like I have this group of women being my cheerleaders, telling me ‘you got this’ and wanting to see me do well and it is the best feeling. The woman I went to the gym with, said I was in my ‘bitch cave’ living my best life and I just love that – ‘bitch cave’ hell yeah it is!! But I am seeing support from women I haven’t seen in a long time and I think that it is because I am genuinely radiating happiness and contentment. So to all those women, thank you!

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