Soothed, healed and ready for the world…

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I like to say I retreated to my cave to lick my unhealed wounds, take stock and get peace – a little bit of hibernation. I needed some recalibration, a chance to soothe my mind, body and soul and I really think I have had that. I have spent so much time alone, it is crazy, it has been through choice but I needed these moments, I needed to be ok with my own company, needed to know I could get through a day or two by myself. I have maybe taken it too literally though and got waaaayyyy more comfortable being alone than a person should!

But here is the thing, I live on what I like to call the ‘square’, it’s like a holiday camp where you have chalets next to and opposite you and you always feel safe, there is always something going on and people passing by, and I am constantly like a meerkat at my window as god forbid I should miss the DPD delivery driver dropping off a parcel to the far end! 😉 But I never actually feel alone, all my neighbours are so lovely and if I play my cards right then I am pretty sure we will have a Christmas cookie decoration comp this Christmas! 😉I never feel isolated, in fact, my neighbour helped me unlock my door after I had been out with a friend (honestly, the key got stuck in the day too – it wasn’t my fault) but how lovely is that? Until he shouted across to the neighbour the next day that he helped me in as I was tipsy!! But it was such a lovely moment, I couldn’t ask to live anywhere nicer.

So, it is very easy for me to retreat to my sanctuary and just close the doors (not the blinds as then I wouldn’t know what was going on!) and not really see anyone. But I am a sociable person, I thrive on being around people and it’s easy to forget that. I am now ready to open myself up to people again. You know you have been home too much when in a team meeting of 15 you elicit a large cheer because you proudly announce you have ‘been out 3 times’ and then they proceed to ask about the neighbours. BTW, I have no idea what is going in in the square as I am not looking out at all!

I like the fact I have had time to become comfortable with my own company, enjoy the simple pleasures, focus on building female friendships and I am not ashamed to admit – watch everything on Netflix!! But I also feel I am ready to come out of hibernation, I am soothed, I have had peace and now I am ready to Paarrttaayyyyy (and by party I mean going out at 3pm for food and drinks and still being back in my jammies with my cat at 9pm!!).

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