Please stop apologising….

I see so many people apologising on their social media feeds for too many pictures, for some it’s lots of baby pics, for others it might be all the holiday snaps, whatever it is I often see people saying ‘sorry for so many pics of (insert word here)’. But I don’t see why we should apologise for snaps we choose to put on our feed in-case it offends someone/people. That is what the unfollow or unfriend buttons are for – if you don’t like the things people post or it offends you – go away!

Personally I love seeing people’s baby pics and holiday snaps. I don’t have children and my niece is all grown up so I love seeing cute little babies on my feed – it makes a change from political rants and ‘what’s up hun?’ status’s/comments. I also love seeing the holiday photos, mainly because I am incredibly nosy and love to snoop on what others are up to and what they are wearing, plus it might give me inspiration as to where to take my next holiday. And who doesn’t love a picture of hot dog legs facing the pool or a Greek sunset on a dreary day, even if it does invoke a touch of envy that I am sat staring at a computer screen!

I have been guilty of posting pictures which I am sure many people find boring, you know, like the knobby ‘healthy salad’ (#healthy #natural #healthyfood #feelinggood) picture so I can feel all smug in my virtuous lifestyle – what you don’t see is the picture of me crying in the corner because I actually want chips (I don’t actually cry in the corner but have come close when eating said salad!). But I won’t apologise for it or the photos of my (moderate) champagne habit because that’s what I feel like doing at the time.

If you don’t like it unfollow or whatever but we really shouldn’t be apologising for our harmless choices in the pictures we choose to post!

And on that note I am reeeeallly not going to apologise for not posting in aaaggggees but I am definitely going to do it more – accompanied by pictures of course!

Sorry not sorry

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