Life update…

My last blog I spoke about the adoption of a cat, so what’s happened since I can hear you cry!

So ‘jump the queue guy’ is still very much in the picture, the meals he cooks me are epic, he even makes extra for the family and my ex (is it weird that my new squeeze makes food for my ex and his new GF?!). I mean neither of us think so, we are all benefitting ha ha.

I have said before, the ex and I have a great relationship which is really fab. It’s nice we are still in each other’s lives in such a lovely way and I always appreciate that as it can be really hard to have a good relationship after a breakup.

 I am also working on my holiday business which I love so much, I have my Greek that I continue to learn (plus my fellow Greek group friends), my blog, my family and I am making much more of an effort to be with friends (albeit, facetime, walks or social distancing coffees). I still need to work on this bit as I tend to get a bit lazy but it’s so important to me to do this and expand my horizons.

I do still have emotional days, it’s been 8 months since the breakup, but I avoided processing anything for a good few months, so, yes, it’s going to hit me here and there, it’s fine, it’s all part of the process. In fact, a couple of weekends ago I spent the whole weekend crying. It started with an episode of ‘The Good Doctor’ and ended with a ‘Star is Born’ (if you are feeling emotional, then go all out and watch something that makes you cry until you can’t breathe!).

So, ‘Jump the Queue guy’ phoned me on an emotional night, he wasn’t feeling well, but here is the lovely thing, he listened to my woes, didn’t try to take over the convo (in that competition type way!!) gave me loads of reassuring words and I came off the phone laughing and feeling better. He didn’t even try to do the ‘man logic thing’ of trying to solve the problem, he actually listened! So not only can he cook, but he also listens. I guess what I am trying to say is that he is patient and understanding, it’s refreshing.

As you know, I also have Binky Zazzles, she is now venturing outside like a brave little solder, first time she went out I was having many panic moments, but she comes home, so we’re ok! We have completely bonded and are incredibly happy! She is definitely my cat soul mate!

So my update is this, life is really bloody good, I am so happy, I am doing so much that I avoided before, I have everything I want/need, yes I have emotional/grieving days, it’s natural, but they will get less but on the whole life is good.

If you want to change something in your life, whatever that is, it is going to be soooooo hard and that is probably what is stopping you making the change, but nothing worth having is easy. It will be hard but you will come through it – it is so worth it! So, if you are thinking about – just do it, the other good side is waiting for you! 😉

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